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The Internet has become a massively powerful tool in changing the way in which companies to business. In creating a way for customers to give their opinions on products – and rewarding them for doing so – the paid survey has become a major niche in the online world. Companies who have spent millions on advertising their products in the past have still seen their bottom line fall as they failed to take some things into account, and unilaterally made decisions which have become unpopular. The response to this was to invite more customer opinions.

The way in which customer opinion has been courted is a testament to how the Internet affects our consumer habits.

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The increase in the number and variety of online surveys over the last few years is down to one reason, for the most part. Companies have become conscious over time that they can only rely so much on customer brand loyalty and that, if other companies begin to offer the people more of what they want, a market share will naturally fall. This is not cynical and has nothing to do with fickleness on the part of the consumer, rather it has everything to do with people’s willingness to have their needs directly served.

Companies will therefore gladly spend money for people’s opinions, in the knowledge that if they listen to opinions they will increase the amount they sell, more than covering the cost of the research they have commissioned.

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The process of completing an online survey is relatively simple, when looked at objectively, and the benefits for you can go far beyond getting your voice heard by companies and other researchers. Beyond that, there is the chance to actually get paid for doing something that many people are happy to do for free. This is something that cannot be underestimated, particularly when it is taken into account that a survey or two need take no longer than half of your lunch break. It is a way of using some of your spare time to do something which is not intensive, but can be highly beneficial.

The benefits of doing paid online surveys are clear to anyone who studies the medium. The money that you can make by filling in a few surveys every day can bolster your weekly and monthly income for comparatively little work.

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